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With Winter Coming, What Does CWI Recommend for Mobility for the Elderly?

If you live in a geographical area that involves snow, ice, wind and rain during the winter season, getting around can become a challenge. If you are elderly and need assistance, it can be much more difficult to maneuver during inclement weather.

Wheelchairs, Walkers, Scooter during the Winter Season With winter coming, what does CWI recommend for mobility for the elderly? There are a variety of products that can make getting through this season a lot more manageable. Products of the highest quality, construction and technology that are able to handle difficult terrain and continued use for safe, sturdy transport assistance.

Powered Movement

Battery powered scooters are able to get you where you want to go, and fast. These units are tough enough to withstand daily use, able to navigate city sidewalks to suburban malls and most terrain in-between.

These are some of the many CWI powered scooter models to consider for all-season transport:

Rollator Transport

Walking over winter terrain is not easy even without assistance, so for the elderly CWI recommends rollator transport devices for safety and convenience. These are perfect for those who want a sense of independence, whether indoors or outdoors, with the capability to use built-in hand brakes and an available seat for taking breaks or using it for storage underneath.

The aluminum rollator is a sturdy design that features:

  • Zippered pouch under the seat
  • Cerated (protective cover) brakes
  • Seamless padded seat (14 x 14 inches)
  • 6" black, non marring (damaging) casters with soft grip tire
  • Ergonomic handles which are easy to grip and adjustable in height

Other rollator recommendations for winter mobility include:

Easy Walking

If a powered scooter or rollator are not an option, CWI recommends one of  many safe, sturdy walkers.  These devices keep the elderly on the move offering strong balance support with easy glide capability. Getting to a car or transport van during the winter months should be easy enough when using one of these walkers.

There are designs with back wheels like the Duro-Med 2-Button Release Adjustable Aluminum Folding Walker which effortlessly rolls when needed along with an easy 2-button release capability for simple storage. Then there is the Deluxe, Trigger Release Folding Walker that includes a trigger release able to be maneuvered without taking the hands off the unit for fast, folding capability.

These walkers and many other CWI models show how simplicity is all you need to get through winter or any terrain safely, independently and securely. In addition, there are also many helpful walker accessories available such as Walker Tennis Balls,   Walker Ski Glides,   Clip-On Walker Basket,  and Tray Top for 815B Wire Basket.

A customer favorite has been our  Retractable Ice Tip Cane  to get a safe, secure footing on snow or ice.


Visit CWI for all your mobility needs so getting through the winter for the elderly is a safe, comfortable experience.


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