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Hormel Thick and Easy Thickened Foods

Hormel Health Labs Thick and Easy Food Products
Hormel Health Labs approach is simple; the better food tastes, the better your patients will eat. With that in mind, Hormel has made it their mission to offer the most extensive group of delicious food and beverage products for individuals with swallowing disorders. From purees to thickened beverages and everything in between, CWI is proud to offer Thick and Easy food products from the industry leader in foods for patients and residents with dysphagia.


Try all 8 of our healthy, great Thick and Easy products:

Thickened Cranberry

Thickened Juice
Thick & Easy Instant Food Thickener
Instant Food Thickener

Thick & Easy Dairy
Thickened Dairy

Thickened Water
Thick & Easy Thickcned Coffee
Thickened Coffee
Thick & Easy Thickcned Hydrolyte
Thickened Hydrolyte
Thick & Easy Bread Mix
Pureed Bread Mix
Ready-to-Serve and Reliably Thick

Thick and Easy offers a higher quality of care, lower food costs, greater patient satisfaction and a marketable difference for your meal program. The critical difference is flavor. With Thick and Easy, you get more flavorful, nutritious, and functional foods in a variety of alternatives. Every product is fortified with protein, calories, vitamins and minerals that will help keep the elderly better nourished. In addition, the innovative packaging ensures maximum convenience and handling ease, both by the resident and the foodservice operator.

Why Thick and Easy?

A recent national study identified malnourishment as a serious problem among America's elderly population. Whether the person has simply lost their appetite because food no longer tastes good or they are malnourished due to dysphagia or swallowing difficulties, determining the proper food consistency for the individual can be a long and arduous process. Fortunately, Thick and Easy offers "thickened" products that allow the elderly to not only consume products they have lost the ability to consume such as water, juice or even milk, but also enjoy them at the same time. We offer a wide array of texture modified foods and beverages to meet the nutritional needs of the swallowing impaired patient. Thick & Easy also has a powdered food and beverage thickener so that you can thicken the products your patients have grown to love.

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