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FAQs for SimplyThick EasyMix Thickening Gel

Are SimplyThick products sterile?

Although shelf stable and not subject to bacterial growth in its original packaging, SimplyThick products are not sterile.  The combination of pH and temperature used in the manufacturing process may not completely kill all bacteria spores but they are unable to grow in the SimplyThick gel.  If necessary, SimplyThick packets can be autoclaved to achieve sterility.  Tests have shown that the viscosity of the beverages thickened with autoclaved packets is the same as before autoclaving.

Note: Autoclaving will be messy as some packets will likely burst during the autoclave process but most will survive.

Is SimplyThick EasyMix (STEM) gel Kosher?

Yes. All products carry the Kashrut Authority symbol on the packaging.

Is SimplyThick thickener gluten free?

None of our ingredients are normally identified as containing gluten.  We have conducted some gluten testing and have never detected gluten in our product when we have tested.  However, we do NOT test every batch of SimplyThick gel and therefore cannot assure that a particular batch of SimplyThick does not contain gluten.

Is SimplyThick EasyMix (STEM) okay to use in a ketogenic diet?

Generally SimplyThick EasyMix will fit within the needs of a ketogenic diet.  Before starting its use, you should confirm with your healthcare professional that SimplyThick EasyMix is right for you and your circumstances.

All of the carbohydrates used in SimplyThick EasyMix are complex carbohydrates that are generally not thought to be digested in the intestinal tract.  Along with the new regulations for Nutrition Facts panels (which we have adopted for SimplyThick EasyMix packaging), the FDA has changed the definition of food fiber to exclude all of the complex carbohydrates within SimplyThick EasyMix that we would have labeled as soluble food fiber in the past.  Under the current definitions, they are counted as carbohydrates and assumed to provide calories.

Is SimplyThick safe for use with dogs?

Although we do not have any direct experience with SimplyThick gel use with dogs or any animals, all of our ingredients are also approved for animal use and we believe they are also used in at least some dog foods. In addition, we have had samples requested by canine researchers who saw no issue with the product for canine use.

Can SimplyThick be used in a clear liquid diet?

We do not believe there is a problem with using SimplyThick gel in a clear liquids diet. No one has ever reported back to us that it has caused issues when used.

Are there any side effects when consuming SimplyThick?

SimplyThick thickening gel is composed of water, xanthan gum, sodium acid sulfate, and potassium sorbate. Current literature indicates that xanthan gum is processed in the body as a soluble food fiber. Soluble food fiber is known and has been documented to cause, in some cases, bulking of the stool (constipation) or loose stools.

SimplyThick is not aware of any other side effects.

Why are there color variations in SimplyThick gel?

The color of the gel inside of the SimplyThick bottles can/will vary by several shades of amber to golden color.  This is due primarily to the heating process when manufacturing the gel and the xanthan gum used to make our product.  This will NOT affect the thickening ability of our product, the taste profile, or the effectiveness of the product.

Is SimplyThick safe for diabetics?

SimplyThick gel contains no sugars.  It also contains very little digestible carbohydrates.  Therefore, SimplyThick gel is considered the thickener of choice for diabetics.

Can I take SimplyThick gel on an airplane?

According to TSA policies, medically necessary liquids are not subject to the 3-1-1 liquid limitations.  When asked specifically if this applied to liquids thickened at home and/or packets of SimplyThick gel, TSA confirmed that these would not be subject to the 3-1-1 rule due to the medical necessity.  TSA told us that you should inform officers of the medically necessary liquid(s) you have with you before screening begins.  And you are advised to remove the thickened liquid or gel from your carrying case and send them into the X-ray separately.  If additional inspections are necessary, the officer(s) will provide more instructions.  No documentation of your swallowing disorder and thickened liquids need is necessary.

Have allergic reactions been reported from those using SimplyThick EasyMix (STEM)?

There have been no incidence of reported allergic response to SimplyThick EasyMix. Additionally, the plant used in the manufacture of SimplyThick EasyMix is nut free, egg free, and seafood free.

How do you get the leftover gel out of a bottle of SimplyThick EasyMix (STEM)?

It is quite simple. Take the pump off the bottle and invert the bottle into a container that holds about 1 cup. The SimplyThick EasyMix gel comes out easily.

Leftover SimplyThick

For Nectar (Level 2 Mildly Thick)

Add to this amount of a beverage

For Honey (Level 3 Moderately Thick)

Add to this amount of a beverage

For Pudding (Level 4 Extremely Thick)

Add to this amount of a beverage

1 Tbsp. / 15 ml 12 oz 6 oz 3 oz
1 ⁄8 cup / 30 ml 24 oz 12 oz 6 oz
1 ⁄4 cup / 60 ml 48 oz 24 oz 12 oz
3 ⁄8 cup / 90 ml 64 oz 32 oz 16 oz
1 ⁄2 cup / 120 ml 96 oz 48 oz 24 oz


Is SimplyThick EasyMix (STEM) Halal?

Yes. SimplyThick EasyMix is Halal.

Is SimplyThick EasyMix (STEM) Kosher for passover?

No. SimplyThick LLC does not go through the process to make a batch of product that would be Kosher for passover.

Is SimplyThick EasyMix (STEM) vegan?


What can you tell us about the ingredients in SimplyThick EasyMix (STEM)?

  • Water - no comment.
  • Soluble Fiber - plant based fiber that acts as part of the overall thickening system of SimplyThick EasyMix.
  • Glucono delta-lactone - common food acid that is known for its mild taste or bite. Added for proper pH and food safety.
  • Gums (gellan, xanthan and guar) & pectin - common food thickeners. The blend provides the nice mouthfeel of SimplyThick EasyMix.
  • Citric acid and sodium citrate - food acids to provide the proper pH and food safety.
  • Calcium Chloride - common salt added for foods.
  • Potassium sorbate - preservative.

Will using SimplyThick EasyMix (STEM) cause any concerns with people having existing GI issues?

SimplyThick EasyMix is free of pathogens (as all commercial food products should be). We have no reason to suspect the new formulation has any impact on any bacterial infection in the human body.

PLEASE NOTE: SimplyThick thickener is NOT intended for use with preterm or infants under 12 months of age.  Or children under the age of 12 years with a history of NEC.

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